Khora Hotel

Location : BankART1929, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
Total floor area : Approximately 66.5㎡
User : artist, writer
Collaborative design : Norihito Nakatani
Construction : Yoshikawa no Namazu

"To create an accommodation space as a place for text creation"

The finesse used by editors to confine writers who cannot concentrate in his manuscript to a hotel and force him to complete it, is called 'canning.' Nevertheless, the pretension of the writer, along with the architect and manager of the accommodation space used for canning, is obviously that such 'canning' does not automatically result in a finished manuscript.
A can, or a space wherein one can concentrate on the text, should be remote from secular time (space), and capable of creating a different time within; A space which is in itself a text. In such space, the inside of the can obtains an expanse further beyond its exterior, making the confined writers forget the fact that they are confined, and thus they become released to the text. Construction of such (generative) space as a can/text was aimed together with an Architecture Historian and a young master builder, where writers will actually can themselves after its completion and work. Solely looking forward to the fulfilling breakfast that should respond to the fulfillment of the work itself.

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